Pre-Flood water cycle and first rains



This is all excellent except for the part about the expanse/raqia being the earth’s crust. That’s not how the Hebrew Text reads. Well, IMHO, every Creation Science researcher needs to read the Genesis chapters 1-11 Hebrew Text & dissect it. To not do so is like studying geology & being stuck in the center seat of a Dodge Caravan with tinted windows while driving through Glacier National Park (& the driver just wants to conquer the ‘Going To The Sun’ road, & isn’t interested in geology!). You turn your head sideways to look out the window & see the mountains above the tree line. Every once in a while you get some glimpses of some of the magnificence of what’s there, but you never get to see the full picture or everything in context. That’s a good comparison to what it’s like when you haven’t read the whole Genesis 1-11 Hebrew Text!
Genesis chapter 2 describes 4 Pre-Flood rivers. It mentions that they exit the Garden of Eden (which the scriptures also say is buried under Lebanon ) & describes their courses after the Flood. Notice that it doesn’t describe the course of the river that flows into the Garden. That’s because that area of land was where the Fountains of the Great Deep broke open during the Flood , & so it was destroyed. (If you pull Africa back to the edge of the Mid Ocean Ridge, you’ll find that the section of the Mid Ocean Ridge in the Gulf of Aden would have completely obliterated that section of Eden.)
Right after the Flood, when the oceans were deeper, the 4 rivers mentioned in Genesis 2 actually did flow out of Eden. (& the only way to figure this out is to have a good understanding of the Hydroplate Theory.) Genesis chapter 2 is also the first ‘witness’ of the earth rolling. Genesis 2 is a Post-Flood description of a Pre-Flood location. If you want to read the research, go to Brain Pickers Genesis 2! (PDF file.)