Firmament: what was it?


How can anyone think they're better translators who know both Hebrew and English better than the venerable scholars that worked on the committee for the "Authorized" King James Bible? It's amazing!

Find John Hinton's articles on the subject, they're revealing. Let's reject these "Hath God said" adulterated milk of the word and trust that God knew what he was doing throughout the ages. He would not leave us today without a trustworthy Bible, i.e. worthy of trust as His Inspired Inerrant Word.

It's got to be somewhere, not scattered...

I allowed that in the same spirit that I would run an interview and allow responses.

Just because someone might have a better degree in Scriptural languages than I have, doesn't mean he's right and I'm wrong. That's called argumentum ab auctoritate when you make it, or argumentum a gradis (proof from one's own degrees or grades) when he makes it. Either way, a logical fallacy as I'm sure you know.

I would also remind you that King James' original commission specifically said any improvement over their work would be welcome. If they don't claim Divine inspiration for their work, I fail to see how any of us, no matter what grades he got or what degrees he has, has any authority to claim such inspiration on their behalf.