Creation Day 5: Swimmers and Flyers



In other words, the word transliterated "et" or "eth" would be like our writing "AZ" in English. Or any other language that uses the Roman alphabet.

John the Revelator uses the quote, "I am Alpha and Omega" at least twice.

This is good!
Here’s how the Hebrew reads:

1:20 & He says Elohim teams/swarms the 2-waters aquatic-animals breathing living
& birds fly upon the earth upon face raqia/expanse the heavens

1:21 & He-creates Elohim et [Alpha & Omega!] the taniynim / stretching-out-or-extending-ones the big ones [[We know them as various sea monsters, but when God first made them they weren’t evil. They became violent only after Adam sinned.]]
& et [Alpha & Omega!] all breathing the living the moving that teams/swarms the 2-waters to their-kinds
& et [Alpha & Omega!] all birds wing to its-kind & He-sees Elohim that good

1:22 & He blesses them Elohim says-to be-fruitful & multiply
& fill et [Alpha & Omega!] the 2-waters in seas
& the birds multiply in earth
1:23 & he-is dusk(singular) & he-is dawn(singular) day(singular) fifth

[[ The 2-waters would include animals that lived in the ocean below the pre-flood land mass (based on the Hydroplate Theory). We now know that there are certain types of animals that can live in extremely hot water in the deepest darkest oceans where there is no light.]]

[[ ‘et’ is an untranslatable word. It’s the first & last letters of the Hebrew alphabet. It’s equivalent is the Alpha & the Omega of the Greek alphabet, which in the book of Revelation we all recognize as Christ. But in Hebrew there is more depth because the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet (‘Aleph’) is a literal picture of an ox/bull that is used as an offering (example: like the one the High Priest offered on the Day of Atonement) & it literally means the leader, & the first, & the most important one. The last letter in the Hebrew alphabet (‘Tav’) was originally written like a cross, & it literally means to seal a covenant. So, in other words, ‘Aleph Tav’ means ‘THE SACRIFICE that seals the covenant!’. In our Messianic Jewish congregation when we read ‘et’ in Genesis chapter one, we translate ‘et’ as ‘through Yeshua!’]]

The Hebrew Text is beautiful!!

That’s right.
Remember the verse in John chapter 1 ‘In the beginning was the Word, & the Word was with God & the Word was God’?
& in Colossians 1:16 ‘ For by Him were all things created, that are in heaven, & that are in earth, visible & invisible’ ( & see the rest of Col 1:14-19)
Notice how the untranslatable word ‘et’(aleph-tav) is used in Genesis 1:1 in the Hebrew Text…
‘In-beginning He-creates Elohim et the 2-heavens and et the earth
Then down in Genesis 1:4 it reads ‘& He-sees Elohim et the light that good’
Verse 7 ‘& He-makes Elohim et the raqia/expanse’
Verse 16 ‘& He-makes Elohim et two the lights the big-ones,
et the light the large-one to rule the day(to-be-hot)
& et the light the small-one to rule the night (to-twist)
& et the stars’
& verses 21 & 22 and so on… Every time something new is mentioned that God creates, the signature of Yeshua is there!