Creation Day 4: The Big Stretch


I don't doubt that. But don't ignore certain references, later than Genesis chapter 1, to God stretching out the heavens like a tent, etc. Those are the references that Walter T. Brown cited (and that I used).

I belong to a Messianic Jewish Synagogue ( A Messianic Jewish Synagogue consists of Jews, & those of Jewish descent, & some Gentile Believers (whom God has called to that particular ministry) who believe that Yeshua/Jesus is the Messiah, God’s LAMB Who took away our sins when He was nailed to the execution stake/cross, & He rose from the dead & He is seated at the right hand of God the Father… and He’s coming back! Etc, etc. . A Messianic keeps a Jewish culture, & that includes learning Hebrew, & reading & studying the Hebrew Text. It’s not something that just the Rabbi/Pastor does… it’s something that everyone in the congregation is required to participate in. In other words the whole congregation is in the process of learning Hebrew, & studying the Hebrew text.

Our Hebrew Teacher is now with the LORD, but when he was here, he was also into Creation Science & owned almost every media presentation that ICR & AIG had produced until just before he died. At the time he became my Hebrew teacher, he had been studying Hebrew for about 40 years. About 3 years before he died, he translated Genesis chapters 1 to 11, digging into the text from a Creationist perspective. (He favored Humphries interpretation of ‘raqia’.) His translation work also demonstrates that the Hebrew Text says that there are 2 bodies of water beyond outer space.

Back to the part where Dr Walt Brown consulted the Jewish scholar at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. That’s kind of like consulting a Pastor who isn’t a true Believer in Christ. A Messianic Jew would have not only helped him with the translation of the word ’raqia’, but would have also helped him dissect the Hebrew Text so that it wasn’t taken out of context.

Here’s word for word the Hebrew Text, beginning at verse 6:
And/Vi He-says/yomer Elohim he-is/y’he raqia in-midst/b’toch the/ha waters/miyim
And/vi he-is/y’he division/mavdil between/bain 2-waters/miyim to/la waters/miyim
And/vi He-makes/yaahs Elohim et/Alpha&Omega the/ha raqia
And/vi He-divides/yavdil between/ben the/ha 2-waters/miyim that/asher from-below/metachat to/la raqia
And/ooh between/vayn the/ha 2-waters/miyim that/ashur from-above/mayal to/la raqia
And/chen he-is/y’he exist/chen
And/vi He-calls/yekrah Elohim to/la raqia Heavens/Shamiyim (Same word for Heavens that is used in verse 1)
And he-is dusk(singular) and he-is dawn(singular) day(singular) second
Then you go down to verse 9 & here’s how the Hebrew Text reads:
And/vi He-says/yomer Elohim gathers/yekawvou the/ha 2-waters/miyim from-under/metachat the/ha 2-heavens/Shamiyim to/el place/mawkom one/echad
And/vah appears/terraay the/ha dry-land(singular!)/yabashah
And/vi he-is/y’he exist/chen.
Verse 10:
And/vi He-calls/yekrah Elohim to/lay dry-land(singular)/yabashah ‘Earth’/aretz
And/ooh to/le collection/mikvah the/ha 2-waters/miyim calls/karah ‘Seas’/yameem
[[Verses 9 & 10 is where the Hydroplate Theory fits in]]

What is the purpose of the 2 waters that encase the universe? Are they what cause the Heavens to be stretched out? If those waters work like a whirlpool in a moving river, the size of the whirlpool can change. The center of the whirlpool is hollow, but it still has particles of water twirling around in the vacuum. Maybe the 2-waters work different than a whirlpool. Apparently, however they function, they are in constant movement, because the word for ‘deep’/tahome (which they are a part of) is something that is in constant movement. God says they are there, so how do they function? What is their relationship to outer space? Take that word ‘raqia’ & apply it to outer space. It’s some kind of ‘an extended surface', & it comes from a word meaning something that is produced by ‘hammering, stamping, or stretching'. Keep in mind that that the expanse of outer space is a ‘thin thing’ in God’s sight, because even the Highest Heavens cannot contain Him! Do the waters continually beat/hammer the raqia so that it stays in place? How does it work?

You need to take everything you know about this & get it in alignment with the Hebrew Text. You are not there yet. You need to read the Hebrew Text. It might take you some time, but you can translate the Hebrew Text & read it for yourself. It's irresponsible not to do so. You need to read the whole chapter, because otherwise things will be taken out of context. Every person who is serious about Creation Science should be reading the Genesis 1 Hebrew Text. The answers are there,