Creation Day 2: Firmament



I ascribe to Dr Walt Brown’s Hydroplate Theory. By the grace of God I have been able to translate the Genesis chapters 1 to 11 Hebrew Text. I did it so that I could hold up Creation Science material up to its light. [If you are a house wife & you are trying to sort out all the various theories out there that brainy people are tossing around, the Hebrew text is your only safe haven/recourse.] I have found that the Hebrew text confirms the Hydroplate Theory in chapters 1 & 2 and in chapters 6 through 11. Nevertheless, his explanation of Raqia (meaning the crust of the earth) & Shamiyim are taken out of context with the Hebrew text, even though the literal translations of the words are correct. The way the Hebrew works in Genesis is that each paragraph begins with a statement (like the engine of a train) and then all the rest of the ‘paragraph’ is hooked on to that ‘engine’ with the Hebrew letter ‘vav’ (waw). ‘Vav’ means ‘and’. A Hebrew paragraph begins with a statement (the train engine) and then all the sentences about that statement begin with ‘and’/’vav’ (the freight cars). The first paragraph in Genesis begins with Genesis 1:1 and finishes with Genesis 2:3. (Genesis 2:4 begins the next paragraph.) Anything concerning the Shamiyim has to agree with what verse one says about the Shamiyim/2Heavens. So Dr Walt Browns interpretation doesn’t work.

The way that the Hydroplate theory fits the Hebrew Text is that the Hebrew Text says that there are 2 separate bodies of water on the earth at the time of Creation.

I have spent the last several mitenus browsing this site and reading some of your entries. I now sit here, caught up in the precious memories of the days we camped and traveled with our sons. You have voiced in your blogs the exact things we tried to instill in our children good family times that are wrapped around God's creations, God's beliefs, and God's unending love. Thanks for sharing this with me. It would be an honor to share it with my friends. And even though we don't have children in our home now, my husband and I plan on following your comments each week. I am excited about all the treasures we will be storing up for our first grandchild who is on the way. Thank you for blessing my day.